29 Jul 2018

Trulli of Alberobello, Italy (UNESCO)

Alberobello is located in Apulia, Italy and is famous for the wonderful Trulli buildings. Legend says that the Trulli were invented to circumvent the paying of taxes. They are all built with loosely fitting stones, found in the surroundings, without any mortar. According to legend, that way, the houses were easy to dismantle and did not count as permanent settlements in case the tax collectors were touring the area . The roofs often have symbols painted on the stones, mostly of Christian origin. Some of the houses are over 300 years old.
Standing on the opposite hill looking down to the part of town with the Trulli, it looks like a sea of gray jelly bag caps, totally enchanted !!
In 1996 the Trulli of Alberobello were inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List.
I sent this card home from our visit in this beautiful place.

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