29 Jul 2018

Pamplona, Plaza Consistorial and Town Hall, Spain

Pamplona is the historical capital of Navarre, formerly the Kingdom of Navarre. The city was founded by Romans around 75-74 BC when the area served as a camp for Roman troops.
Today it is most famous for the San Fermin festival which is held annually in July to honour the city's first bishop and patron saint, Saint Fermin. The festivities start with at noon of July 6 with the Chupinazo fireworks and the singing of the traditional song "Pamploneses, Viva San Fermin". The most famous part of the festival is undoubtedly the Running of the Bulls, although there is much more to see and experience.
The card shows Plaza Consistorial with the historic townhall where the festivities start each year.
Thank you Ochalín for this beautiful card !!!

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