Upcoming Swaps in World in Postcards (WiP)

Upcoming Swaps in my Yahoo Group "World in Postcards":


Umag, Croatia

My daughter gave me this card for my collection. She recieved it from friends.  Umag is located on the Istria peninsula in Croatia. Seems to be a great spot for holidays.

Turkey map and carpets

I found this lovely mapcard surrounded by Turkish carptes on a rack in Antalya and just had to buy it to send home for my collection.


Barton Falls, Ithaca, New York, USA

The card says Barton Falls, but I could not find anything about them on the internet. The waterfall is located near Ithaca, New York.
This beautiful card was sent by Amanda Hakkarainen for the WiP ABC Letter W swap.

Trollstigen, Norway

This beautiful multiview was sent by my parents from their Scandinavian cruise.  It shows images of Trollstigen, a tourist attraction in Norway. It is part of the Norwegian national road 63 and became famous due to 11 breathtaking hairpin bends at the steep mountainside.

Carolingan Westwork, Corvey, Germany (UNESCO)

I visited there only a few days after this place was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List. The rubber stamp on the left shows their joy of becoming a World Heritage.  Corvey was one of the Imperial Abbeys of the Holy Roman Empire until 1792. The Abbey was consecrated in 844.
I sent this card myself during my visit.


Minsk, Belarus

Wonderful view of the upper town of Minsk. In the center is, I believe the orthodox cathedral of the Holy Spirit. Minsk is the capital and largest city of Belarus.
I received this postcard via Postcrossing from Valentine.


Gustav-Adolf-Stave Church, Hahnenklee, Germany

The beautiful interior of the Lutheran Gustav Adolf Stave Church in Hahnenklee in the Harz region. It was constructed in 1907. I visited there in June 2014 and sent the card home for my collection.

Placa de Cort, Palma de Malloca, Balearic Islands, Spain

I was totally fascinated by the tree in the Placa de Cort in Palma de Mallorca, so I just had to buy this postcard and send it home for my collection.

Torre de Belém and Padrao de Descobrimientos, Lisbon, Portugal (UNESCO)

Wonderful evening view of the Torre de Belém in the background and the Monument to the Discoveries at the banks of River Tejo in Lisbon. I had the opportunity to see these awesome monuments myself when starting our trans Atlantic cruise from Lisbon to Barbados.,
Miceu sent me this card in a private swap.

Castle Wernigerode, Germany

This postcard shows Castle Wernigerode located on a hill above the city. The castle as it looks today was finished in the 19th century, though its foundations are much older. It is one of the most visited castles in Saxony-Anhalt.
I sent this card myself when visiting the area.

Children in traditional clothes, Maramures, Romania

I received this postcard for a Postcrossing Round Robin. Maramures is located in the north of Romania.


Chateau d'If, Marseille, France

The Chateau d'If is a fortress on the island of If in the bay of Marseille. The fortress was built in order to protect the city and was later transformed into a prison. The location on the clifflike island in addition to the strong currents in the sea made an escape almost.
The postcard I sent from our cruise.

Castle Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel, Germany (UNESCO)

This postcard I sent myself when visiting the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel. Art historian Georg Dehio described the park as "possibly the most grandiose combination of landscape and architecture that the Baroque dared anywhere". The castle, built in neoclassical style,  is only part of this great park, which was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2013


Legolas - Lord of the Rings

Great postcard of Legolas, son of the Elevenking, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This card was sent for a Postcrossing Round Robin by Julie

Map of the Hanse Cities in the Netherlands

Beautiful addition to my mapcard collection. It shows the cities of the Heanseatic League in the Netherlands. The League was founded to protect the interests of the merchant guilds along the coast of Northern Europe.
This card was an official Postcrossing card from the Netherlands, sent by Anja.

Marseille, France

Marseille is the second largest city in France and the most important sea harbour of the country. On the card you see the old port, and on the top of the hill the Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde.
This card I sent home for my collection from our Mediterranean cruise.


Antalya, Turkey

This card I sent myself when on holidays in Turkey. Normally I am not much into multiviews, but these kind of collage cards found a way into my collector's heart :)

St. Petersburg, Russia

A beautiful view of Palace Bridge and Admirality Embankment in St. Petersburg. The city was founded by Czar Peter the Great in 1703 and was the capital city of the country for 2 periods of time in the 18th century before the government moved to Moscow.
The historic center of St. Petersburg was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1990.
The card was send as official Postcrossing card.


Flamsdalen, Norway

Flamsdalen is the valley of river Flamsselvi in Norway, about 18 km long. This beautiful postcard was sent by my parents Christel and Reinhold Meid from their Scandinavian cruise.


Statue of the Iwo Jima Memorial, Virginia, USA

This is the top statue of the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, located on Arlington cemetery in Virginia, USA.  "For the Marine dead of all wars, and their comrades of other services who fell fighting beside them"
This postcard was sent by Cindy Fields for the WiP Monuments and Memorials Swap.