Upcoming Swaps in World in Postcards (WiP)

Upcoming Swaps in my Yahoo Group "World in Postcards":

January 26 - ABC Swap Letter B
February 2 - February General Swap


Pirates of the Caribbean - Captain Jack Sparrow

Wonderful new postcard for my Pirates Collection sent by Ingelove for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.


Roman Emperors

This card I found in the Archeological Park of Xanten, Germany. It shows the Roman Emperors from Augustus (24 BC - 14 AD) to Diocletian (284-305)

Cracow, Poland, City Map

Great new mapcard for my collection showing the city of Cracow. It arrived here as an official Postcrossing card from Poland - PL-867579


Cape Arago Lighthouse, Oregon, USA

Beautiful card from Karyn Schronski for the WiP June General Swap, showing Cape Arago Lilghthouse in Coos Bay, near Charleston, Oregon. It was first lit in 1934 and deactivated in 2006.

Dar Mlodziezy, Poland

Just awesome !!!  The Dar Mlodziezy on postcard and matching stamp !!!  The name of this Polish training ship means "The Gift of Youth". She was launched in November 1981 and went into service in July 1982. Her homeport is Gdynia.
This great postcard was sent by Ania for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.

Greece Mapcard

Beautiful new mapcard of Greece for my collection sent by my parents Christel and Reinhold Meid from their Mediterraean Cruise.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow, Russia

Beautiful view of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, sent by Taja for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.
It is the talles Orthodox Christian church in the world with a height of 103 meters. It is the second church built in this place, the first one was erected in the 19th century and it took 40 years to be completed. It was destroyed in 1931 during the Stalin rule. The new one, as seen on the postcard, was consecrated in August 2000.

Hamburg ABC, Germany

This funny postcard showing the Hamburg ABC was sent by Astrid for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.


Kofuku-ji Temple, Nara, Japan (UNESCO)

The Bhuddist Kofuku-ji temple is one of the 8 historic monuments of ancient Nara, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list.  The temple was founded in 669 and used to be an important center for the Bhuddist religion.
This gorgeous card was sent by Noriko for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.

Bad Tölz, Christmas Market, Germany

An official Postcrossing card sent by Stefan (DE-2885446) showing the beautiful Christmas Market in Bad Tölz, a spa town in Bavaria, Germany.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Japan (UNESCO)

Kiyomizu-dera is one of the most visited temples in Japan. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. The temple was founded in 898, the present buildings, though, date back only till 1633. Interesting about the whole building is that there was not a single nail used in its creation. The card shows the main hall with the breathtaking verandah.
This awesome card was sent for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.

Route 66 Map card, USA

Beautiful new addition to my Route 66 collection. One of my passions and it starts growing nicely :)
This one shows the whole route with the main cities along it.
I received this card from Denise (hickreenut) for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.

Johnstown Castle, Ireland

Johnstown Castle is located in County Wexford, Ireland, and was constructed for the Grogan Morgan family in 1810-1855. It is surrounded by splendid gardens, a lake and awesome nature.
This awesome card was sent by Claudia Busse for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.


Peles Castle, Romania

What a stunningly beautiful building !  The Peles Castle was built in neo-rennaissance style in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, Romania.  Construction started in 1873 and it was finally completed in 1914.
I received this card via the Postcrossing Favourites Tag sent by Anca.

Abbey of St. Blaise, Germany

The beautiful Imperial Abbey of St. Blaise in the Black Forest.  It used to be a Benedictine monastery. Since 1934 is has been a Jesuit College.
I sent this card myself when visiting the town of St. Blaise.

Geronimo, USA

Geronimo, "One who Yawns", was the famous leader of the Bedonhohe Apache. He was born in June 1829 and passed away on February 17, 1909 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
After an attack where Mexican soldiers killed his mother,  wife and his three children, Geronimo joined numerous revenge raids on Mexicans, and later became war leader of his tribe. In 1886 he was forced to surrender to the US forces and became a prisoner of war.
I received this great card from Victoria for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.

Texas Mapcard, USA

Great new Texas Mapcard for my collection sent by Deana (ablotial) for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.

Maiko, Japan

Maiko is an apprentice geisha in western Japan. They learn how to perfom songs, dances and playing the shamisen, a three stringed Japanese instrument. Once they complete their apprenticeship they become Geisha.
This beautiful card was sent by Noriko for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag


Kumano Nachi Shrine and Nachi Falls, Japan (UNESCO)

Epic card coming from Fumie (magenta) for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag.
It shows the Kumano Nachi Taisha, a sacred Shinto Shrine and the Nachi Falls, located in the Yoshino-Kumano National Park.
The Shrine is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site  Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range, incribed in 2004

Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary (UNESCO)

Buda Castle was the home of the Hungarian kings. The first castle in this place was built in 1247-1265. The oldest parts of the present castle dates back to the 14th century.  It was almost completely destroyed in World War II and later reconstructed.
Buda Castle as part of the city of Budapest  was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987.
This awesome postcard was sent by Edina (Apoletta) for a Postcrossing UNESCO Round Robin.