RMS Empress of Ireland, Canada

Brilliant postcard coming from "Doomkitty91" for the Postcrossing May 50 Round Robin.
It shows the RMS Empress of Ireland, an ocean liner built in Scotland, launched in 1906. Together with its sister ship "Empress of Britain" it was commissioned by Canadian Pacific Steamships for the North Atlantic route connecting Quebec and Liverpool.
On May 29, 1914 the Empress of Ireland with 1477 passengers aboard collided with the SS Storstad, a Norwegian collier in the St. Lawrence River. 1.012 passengers died.

Cordouan Lighthouse (Phare de Cardouan), France

The Cordouan Lighthouse is by far the oldest in France. It is located at the Gironde estuary and still active. Construction started in 1584 and it was finished and first lit in 1611.
This great card with beautiful stamp was sent by Monika and Dieter Pech.


Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain (UNESCO)

This card showing the fantastic Casa Batlló in Barcelona I sent from our Mediterranean cruise to be added to my collection.
It is located in the center of Barcelona and is one of Gaudí's masterpieces. The building was built in 1877 by Antoni Gaudí and remodelled in 1904. Today the rooms of this spectacular building are rented out for events and festivities.


Levadas, Madeira, Portugal (UNESCO)

Great postcard coming from Miecu. It is about the Levadas (artificial water canals) in the Laurisilva forest of Madeira, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a network of unbelievable 2.150 km of these canals.

Audrey Hepburn

One of Holywoods most beautiful and adored actresses: Audrey Hepburn. This great addition for my Celebrity collection came as an official Postcrossing card from the Czech Republic sent by Milena


Mykonos. Greece

Beautiful Mykonos !  I sent this card home from our Mediterranean cruise not long ago.  It was such fun walking the narrow streets, enjoying the view down to Venetia from the windmills. Definitelys a place to go again and this time not only for a short stay during a cruise.

Valentina Tereshkova, first female Cosmonaut, Russia

This card definitely is a favourite ! It arrived here for the Postcrossing April 50 RR sent by Svetlana (Svettok).
It shows the first female Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, with matching stamps. She piloted Vostok 6, which was launched into space on June 16, 1963 and flew 48 orbits in almost 3 days.

Palawan Mapcard. Philippines

Great mapcard of Palawan. Philippines, for my collection. It was sent by Christine for the Postcrossing March Round Robin.


Schwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

The Schwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar. It is located on the Singuttara Hill and dominates the skyline of Yangon.
It is not really clear when it was constructed. Historians say that it was built by the Mon People between the 6th and 10th century but legend has it that it was built over 2600 years ago, thus making it the oldest Buddhist stupa in the world.
This awesome postcard was sent by my friends Heike and Marcus Klein

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

Great postcard of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, sent by Amanda Hakkarainen. Who is gonna sit in his chair on November 8th?

Naples, Italy (UNESCO)

This postcard I sent home from our Mediterranean cruise.
It shows a typical street in the Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarters). It is one of the poorer parts of this city. In the 16th century the "Quartieri" were created to house the Spanish garrisons who were to quench the revolts of the loacal population. The buildings are usually 6 storeyed houses with a roof terrace and inner courtyard.
The Quartieri Spagnoli are part of the old town of Naples and thus belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Sparrenburg Castle, Bielefeld, Germany

This postcard with a beautiful view of Sparrenburg Castle came here as an official Postcrossing one sent by Cora.
The castle was erected 1240-1250 by the Counts of Ravensberg, it was remodelled in the 16th and 19th century and is considered the most important landmark of the city of Bielefeld. There are underground corridors, the casemates, some of which can be toured. The view from the tower down to the city is spectacular.

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Another card I found during our Mediterranean Cruise and couldn't just walk away from it without sending it home :) I just love the colours, even if Photoshop may have had a hand in it.
Oia (pronounced ee-ah) is a scenic village on the north west edge of Santorini island. The houses and buildings are perched on a cliff high above the sea.

Maiko Girl, Japan

Gorgeous Maiko Girl for my Geisha Collection sent by Nana (Pappo) for the Postcrossing May 50 RR.


Bagan, Myanmar

This awsesome postcard I received from my friends Heike and Marcus Klein from their recent trip to this part of the world.
Bagan is an ancient city located in the Mandalay part of the country. Over 2.200 temples and pagodas remain from the once over 10.000 that wer constructed during the time when the city was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan from the 9th to 13th century.
A great but quite expensive treat is a flight with a hot air balloon in early morning.

Hamburg, Gate to the World, Germany

When I saw this postcard on the rack I just had to have it for my own collection. :)  I love sunset views!

Dornbusch Lighthouse, Hiddensee, Germany

This great lighthouse card I received for the Just Postcards RR on Postcrossing, sent by DrChrissie.
It shows the Dornbusch Lighthouse on Hiddensee Island on the Baltic Sea coast. It was built in 1887/1888 and started service in November 1988. Since 1994 it has been open to the public.

Dresden, City Map, Germany

A new one for my City Map collection. Dresden is a beautiful city with so much history and culture. I've been there once, unforturnately in winter when it was icy cold. Sure, winter also has its charms, but it was way too cold to do proper sightseeing back then. I really want to go back in Spring or Summer.
The card was sent by Manuela Prell for the Postcrossing May 50 RR.


Gate in St. Augustine, Florida, USA

I rather like this card showing a gate in St. Augustine, Florida. The city was founded in 1565 by the Spanish to protect their treasure fleets sailing from the Caribbean back to Spain.
This beautiful postcard was sent by Karyn Schronski.

Fira, Santorini, Greece

This card I  wrote while sitting on the terrace of a restaurant in Fira high above the blue Mediterranean Sea. A really breathtaking place! Fira is the capital city of Santorini. It is perched on a 400 meters high cliff. The only access to the city from the harbour where our cruise ship was on anchor, is either climbing the steep Z-shaped road with many stairs, take a donkey (which we opted against to save the animal!) or the cable car (which was a real challenge for me, due to my fear of heights, but it was absolutely worth it!!)