19 May 2012

Spanish Torero

Great potcard of a Spanish Matador during a Corrida. It was sent by Anna Bogdanovskaya for the Postcrossing Favourites Tag. Bullfighting is very controversial,  the supporters arguing that it is part of the Spanish, Portuguese and some other countries culture while animal rights advocates call it a blood sport.
Bullfighting has its roots in prehistoric bull worship and sacrifice.
The difference between Spanish and Portuguese bullfighting is that in Spain the bull is killed by the Torero right in front of the spectators, while in Portugal the bull is herded out of the ring and normally killed by butcher away from the audience's sight. Exceptionally brave bulls sometimes are allowed to live. They will be healed and will spend their days on the pastures or are used for breeding.

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Alhana said...

I am one of those Spaniards who are against bullfighting but I must admit I love the torero's costume. :-)