30 May 2012

Castello Maniace, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

Castello Maniace is  a citadel located in the city of Syracuse on the island of Sicily, Italy. The first fortress there was built in 1038, the present one dates back to 1232 - 1240. It was in use as residence of several queens of Sicily, as prison, as part of the island fortification and Benedictine Monastery.
The card was sent by Giuseppe for a Facebook swap.


Roderick Eime said...

I drives me mad when post offices scribble through stamps - morons!

Sabine said...

Being a postie I often see this and I am mad too. But knowing the reason I can understand it. There are quite a few people who will carefully take off the stamp and use it again, so the posties are asked to scribble through them for lack of a postmark :(