20 Apr 2012

Heidelberg,. Germany

Heidelberg is one of the most beautiful cities here in Germany I ever visited. There are tons of great cards on offer but this one here really caught my eye and I had to send it home to my parents to become part of my own collection :) The place looks so mystic.
The beginnings of the town can be traced back to the 5th century. Today Heidelberg counts about 150.000 inhabitants. The old part of the town, the city center, is charming and pittoresque with modern shopping centers in historic buildings,  lots of beautiful churches and of course the Castle on a hill overlooking the city. A must see for anyone visiting Germany. It was a warm, sunny day so I had lunch on the square in front of the townhall and with closed eyes I wouldn't have been able to guess in what country I was, all around me foreign languages. I could make out English of course, then Spanish and either Japanese or Chinese.

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