29 Aug 2011

Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall

The best cards often come unexpectedly :) This one, showing the Democracy Memorial Hall in Taipei came from Rod Eime. Originally the complex was named Chiang kai-shek Memorial Hall but renamed in May 2007 which caused a lot of controversy. So on August 21, 2008 the original name was restored again and in July 2009 also the plaque of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall was reinstated.


Roderick said...

Sorry the stamp was a bit lame. It's sometimes hard to ask for "big colourful stamps in small denominations please" with hand signals :(

Sabine said...

I know all about it, lots of shops that sell cards also sell stamps, but they are usually all the same, no variety, and the opening hours of the real postoffices are often problematic, and then, where to find it when you sometimes only have a few moments. I loved your card nonetheless :)